Tuesday, 4 November 2014

in defense of lena dunham

What has Lena Dunham been criticised for now you ask? Well, in her recently published memoir, "Not That Kind of Girl", she recalls an incident in which a seven year old Lena is overcome with anatomical curiosity of the female body and opens the lips of her baby sister's vagina to compare to her own (and then subsequently finds tiny pebbles inside). But the essay has been recently twisted by conservative, right wing writers from TruthRevolt.org and The National Review and is essentially retold as a story of sexual abuse, a claim which has now cantered it's way around the internet and echoed by a surprising amount of support. Let's discuss.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

the definitive list of halloween costumes that you'll be subjected to every year

Come the first of October, whilst still predominantly seeing life through my 'New Academic Year, New Me' goggles I tend to promise myself that this Halloween will be different. This Halloween will not be like last year's Halloween, or the one before that, or the one before that. No, this Halloween I will definitely make the smallest semblance of an effort to partake in the annual festivities. However, life inevitably gets in the way, to which I add my classic combination of procrastination and general laziness and topping it with my careless lack of budgeting, leaving me with just enough money to buy alcohol and not enough to buy my original, bitchin' costume. So I then find myself standing in Dunnes sacrificing said bitchin' costume for the good times that are due to come with the shoulder of Smirnoff in my hand all the while promising myself that next year will be different.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

trendspotting: the reknitssance

This very first Trendspotting blog post has been propelled into existence courtesy of my impoverished bank account. In case you guys don't know, I lost my iPhone recently - I don't really like to talk about it that much. But it has consequentially left me in a terrible state both financially and mentally. However, I won't lament any further about my financial or mental woes because, let's be honest, you guys don't really care any more, so instead I'm going to continue telling the thrilling origin story of this post about knitwear.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

16 things you feel when you lose your iphone

Losing an iPhone is an experience that is unrivalled in terms of the emotional decomposition that it inflicts. To be quite honest, the only experience you might dare compare it to, is the experience of losing a limb. That sounds really drastic and I'm aware that my privileged millennial existence is coming off strongly here, but hear me out. Like a leg, my iPhone got me to where I needed to go, whether it's telling me when my bus is due, or gently reminding me what room my politics tutorial is in, it got me around. Much like an arm, it allowed me to give and take things: calls, texts, and groupon deals. My phone was very much an extension of my left hand and let's face it, an extension of my overall being.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

dispatches: denim jeans on the red carpet

Ah, blue denim jeans. Whether they're bootleg, straight leg or skinny leg, low-waisted or high-waisted, distressed or not distressed (?), denim jeans have nestled an indispensable place in the heart of our wardrobes. This platitude of options thus speaks for their vast global clientele, which is essentially made up of males and females of every age (apparently Levi Strauss came out of the womb dressed in a denim onesie) and economic situation (do you think Steve Jobs couldn't afford a nice pair of slacks?).

Saturday, 4 October 2014

everything you may have missed this fashion month

Do you know that reoccurring gag in cartoons, when a character steps onto the treadmill and the speed escalates to such an extreme that said character dissolves into a rapidly churning cloud of motion? That's kind of what keeping up with fashion month is like when your only source of information is social media and when you're also trying to live a life that has no involvement with the industry whatsoever. Let's continue with this already questionable metaphor by imagining that the more stuff you have going on in your life determines the speed of which you've to keep up with. In the last month, alongside moving out, gradually unpacking, starting college and fitting in time for a job, my speed was set viciously high and thus diminished any opportunities of writing regular reflections on the four fashion weeks - a tragedy that was felt all around the world, I assume.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

the art of j.w. anderson

It's the first official day of New York Fashion Week which also marks the beginning of the month-long Spring/Summer 2015 season. Accompanying this will be the usual blurry runway photos, celebrities fucking over runway shows, lots of clothes and an inevitable fresh batch of street style trends. My longstanding theory is that these trends are synonymously formed from some sort of inner fashion circle Zeitgeist that us mere mortals can't attain. It's either that or all the most reputable models and editors have one group WhatsApp conversation discussing what they're going to wear and how they're going wear it. Last season it was pairing sports socks with sandals, this season? Lord knows (and Anna Dello Russo probably).